Big Wrist Android Smartwatch for Men & Women

Big Wrist Android Smartwatch for Men & Women

5 Best Smartwatches for Big Wrists

Buying a standalone smartwatch online would have been much easier if you had a VR set to try it on your wrist and evaluate how it looks. Taking the decision would have been much easier for persons with large wrists (mostly men).  If you have a large wrist, the following smartwatches are for you:

1. DM100 Smartwatch

DM100 by Hazzler is one of the top android smartwatches with a widescreen display. The body of the wearable is made of zinc alloy, with a PC rear cover. It has two tactile buttons on the side and a 5 MP front-facing camera. The smartwatch is essentially a tiny smartphone worn around your wrist. It is comfortable for the ones who have big wrists. The overall body is IP67 waterproof, splash-proof, rain-proof, and dust-proof. It consists of the MTK6739 Quadcore processor with 32 GB of storage space and 3 GB of RAM to power the DM100 smartwatch, which runs on Android OS. With its 4G LTE connectivity, the smartwatch can make and receive calls and messages on its own. The compatibility with nano-SIM cards, you may receive calls and texts directly on your smartwatch, eliminating the need for your phone.

The smartwatch's battery is a 2880mAh lithium polymer battery with at least several days of battery life.

2. DM20 Smartwatch

The Hazzler DM20 smartwatch offers distinct traits that make it a quick, agile, and creative solution for everyone. It's an Android smartwatch designed for men, women, and teenagers with large wrists. Its nylon strap gives comfort and a fashionable appeal to the user experience. It features a Wi-Fi and 4G network and takes GSM sim cards from Mint Mobile, Speed Talk, and T-Mobile. The DM20 Smartwatch takes a nano-Sim card, allowing you to enjoy complete freedom without carrying your phone. This is a big smartwatch that keeps you connected whether you're on the most immersive vacation or participating in outdoor activities. It features a square shape, an excellent style with a button on the side, a heart rate monitor that contacts the body, a charging port with a plastic back, and a glass front

3.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is beautiful. Because of its aluminum housing, it is exceptionally light. The touch spinning bezel is a standout feature. The bands may be swapped out and are really comfy. The 44mm version is appropriate for extra-large wrists, including those measuring 9, 10, and 11 inches. The Active two is built to last. It can absorb stress, be soaked in water, and take falls from great heights. The battery life is almost five days, which is reduced to a few hours if the GPS and Cellular options are enabled

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the company's most cheap watch, costing approximately half the price of the Active 2. It's a huge watch by any standard, but the big, sporty style is ideal for a thick wrist and a heavy build. Like the Active Watch 2, the straps are easily interchangeable. Overall, this watch appears to be in good condition. It has a hefty design that does not make it any less comfy. Though a tad weighty, the watch's superior build quality is ideal for all-day wear. The watch's distinguishing feature is its sturdy construction. It meets all main water and scratch resistance criteria.