DM100 Smartwatch- Big Screen Android Watch for Men & Women

DM100 Smartwatch- Big Screen Android Watch for Men & Women

DM100 LEMT 4G Big Screen Smartwatch

The Hazzler DM100 is by far one of the most powerful and innovative watch that we have got in store, which features a facial unlock so no one can access your watch without your permission. It also comes with the widest screen you will ever see on a smartwatch with a magnificent 2.86 inches screen.

But that isn’t all, here is more:

· The DM100 features a large battery capacity of up to 36-48 hours of standby time, 10 hours of continuous calls, 9 hours of video time and more.

· Easily stream your favorite YouTube videos without having to squint or make out images. The HD screen will make streaming videos from your wrist a piece of cake.

·  It comes with a large storage capacity of 32GB and RAM of 3GB.

·  Lastly, it also tracks your footsteps and monitors your heart rate in real time, to support your physical condition.

The DM100 truly is a remarkable large screen Android operated smartwatch that will truly stand out and satisfy the tech enthusiast within you. With the modern, black design and black wristband it is the best of both worlds, as it lets you stream videos while taking calls, answering emails, checking notifications and more.

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